Can Angola Coerce the UN into postponing Cabinda’s Independence?

May 31, 2009

2008.09.23 – Can Angola coerce the United Nations

Here is how the MPLA (Angola) and its mighty allies had coerced OAU (Organization of African Unity) and Congo’s  President Marien Ngouabi in the course of the seventies!

In order to realize how can Angola and its powerful allies coerce the United Nations into postponing Cabinda’s attainment of independence nowadays, we need first of all to be aware of the fact that the MPLA regime is one of the world most corrupt. Then, we need to look at the way the same MPLA and its almighty allies pressured OAU and certain African leaders in the course of the 1970s, and at the way they constrain international entities nowadays. Bribery, blackmail and conspiracy prove to be the MPLA regime’s conventional deportment ever since the 1960s.